joi, 3 februarie 2011

Job Review & Pay Raise

Yesterday was a great day, other than having my yearly physical. My boss called me and we went over my yearly review (this is my first one). Everything was very positive, and he made some recommendations on things that I can do to help get me promoted to the next level. Then, he told me that my salary will increase starting in July from $58,000 to $63,000. Wow! I was so excited to hear that. I was expecting to go up to around $60,000.

My plans for the pay increase is to increase my 401(k) contribution from 8% to 10% (so I'll go from adding $386.67 each month to $525.00 each month). After the extra taxes are taken out, I should have about $150 extra over what I make now. I plan on adding a little to some of the categories of my monthly spending plan and then applying the rest towards my Freedom Account and then debt. That should really help to speed up the process.